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November 4th GT Information Bulletin

GT bonus mechanism

Total volume of trade 771,354.9602 USDT
Issuance of the day 0 GT
The platform issued 100,000,000 GT
Platform income 771.3550 USDT
Each GT can be red 0.00000771 USDT (about0.00005014 CNY)

GT Reward calculation formula

1、Day user transaction awards GT:( Personal turnover / Total trading volume )*100,000*70%
2、Brokers' reward on the day GT:( Sum of friends' transaction amount /Total trading volume )*100,000*30%
For example:
The total trading day of the platform is 100000 (USDT) and 0.1 (USDT) on the day of each GT.
The amount of individual transaction is 100 (USDT), and the available GT is( 100/100,000)*100,000*70%=70GT
A (broker)'s friend transaction amount is 100 (USDT), and the available GT is(100/100,000)*100,000*30%=30GT
A total of 70 GT can be obtained by A and 7 (USDT) on the day of A.
Holding GT can be red every day, if second days per GT can be red 0.2 (USDT), and second days can be divided into 14 (USDT).
The bonus time is 15:00 every day, and the platform will continue to send dividends to the user account.
The transaction award is issued at 17:00 per day, and the platform will be awarded to the user account.

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