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Announcement on GBCAX Line XXS Token (XXST)

respected user:

GBCAX will be launched on October 10, 2018, XXS Token (XXST).

Open recharge time: October 10, 10: 00 Open trading hours: October 12, 10:00

Open withdrawal time: October 19th, 10: 00

Open Deal Pair: XXST / ETH

Official website:


Activity 1: [There is a prize in the transaction]

On October 12, 2018, from 10:00 to 23:59, all platform users can complete the transaction in the XXST/ETH trading area, and they can get the equivalent currency of 2-300USDT! The transaction amount (equivalent to ETH) and the award redemption are as follows:

1, 1 (inclusive) - 5 ETH, 2 USDT equivalent XXST

2, 5 (inclusive) - 30ETH ,20 USDT equivalent XXST

3, 30 (inclusive) - 80 ETH, 100 USDT equivalent XXST

4, 80 (inclusive) ETH 300 ,USDT equivalent XXST


Reward description:

1. Awards are given on seven working days after the end of Activity 2;

2. Reward currency: equivalent XXST. The currency price is converted at 10:00 on October 19;

3. The XXST official enjoys the final interpretation of this activity. If there is any knocking or cheating, the XXST official has the right to cancel the qualification.

4. For example, if you trade 30 ETHs in the XXST/ETH area, we will give you an XXST equivalent of 100USDT after the event is over;


Activity 2: [Transaction Ranking Award]

During the period from 10:00 on October 12th to 10:00 on October 19th, Beijing time, users who participate in XXST transactions on GBCAX will accumulate XXST transaction volume (buy volume + sell volume), ranking the top 20 real-name users in turn. Give XXST:

The trade ranking awards are as follows:

1st place: send 30,000 XXST;

2nd place: send 25,000 XXST;

3rd place: send 15,000 XXST;

4-10th place: send 10,000 XXST;

11-20th place: send 5,000 XXST;


Award distribution and publicity:

1. Notification of the winners list: The winners list will be announced on the GBCAX official announcement the next day after the event is over, and the UID of the user who won the award will be announced;

2. Reward release time: After the second activity, the reward will be distributed to the winner's GBCAX account within 7 working days;

3. After the event, we will check your wallet and account records. If you find malicious brushing and currency, you will immediately cancel the qualification.

4. Within the scope of the law, GBCAX reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.


XXST introduction:

XXST is based on the freshly-recognized community of Token, serving a decentralized financial services system. Fresh is a decentralized investment community consisting of blockchain investors. It is based on a blockchain one-stop investment service platform, which makes it easier for blockchain investors to obtain comprehensive investment information. Freshly said that the blockchain artificial intelligence investment service platform is mainly composed of freshly said funds, freshly said data, freshly said information and freshly said community.


risk warning:

Digital assets are innovative investment products, and prices fluctuate greatly. Please rationally judge your investment ability and make investment decisions prudently.

I wish you a happy transaction!

Global Block Chain Asset eXchange (GBCAX)

October 10, 2018

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