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Disclaimer Statement

Unless we provide the opposite content explicitly in writing, our services are provided in accordance with the "status quo" and "availability" conditions. We make it clear that you give up all the guarantee of any nature, whether it is express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties, the applicability of a particular purpose, the ownership of our services, and non infringement, including the information, content and material contained in our services.
You confirm that any information you store or transmit through our service may cause irreparable loss or damage or temporarily unavailable for a variety of reasons, including software failures, protocol changes for third party providers, Internet interrupts, force majeure events, or other disasters, including third party DDoS attacks, plans or other disasters. Out of schedule maintenance or other reasons within or outside our control.You are fully responsible for backup and maintenance of any copy of your information stored or transmitted through our service.
Some jurisdictions do not allow implied exemption clauses in contracts signed with consumers, so some or all of the exemption clauses in this section may not be applicable to you.
Risk tip: virtual money investment is a high risk investment way, it is 7 x 24 hours trading mode, so there is no closing time, please pay attention to investment risk. GBCAX will have a strict audit process for on-line currency projects, but will not bear any liability for compensation for investment behavior.
Risk of Trading
Trading or holding digital assets has a greater risk of loss, especially when using complex trading options. If you do not understand these risks, do not use any GBCAX transaction options, so you should carefully consider whether the transactions of digital assets or derivative digital assets are suitable for you according to your financial situation.
Do not accept any legal currency
GBCAX is only a digital asset trading platform. GBCAX does not allow or provide statutory currency settlement or withdrawal services.
Digital assets are not money
At present, we do not provide digital asset conversion or liquidation services such as money or legal tender. GBCAX will not regard digital assets as money or legal tender, because digital assets are not backed by any government or central bank.
Helping the government
Although we may not welcome expensive regulation, we respect the regulations and comply with applicable laws and regulations. As a good corporate citizen, we may be required by law enforcement departments to provide information and will provide assistance when the law permits. This means that our platform only welcomes customers who obey the law. We welcome you to use GBCAX services, and also require you to operate legally and correctly on the GBCAX platform.

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