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Digital assets, represented by Bitcoin, have been developing at a global level since the birth of 2009 as an Internet technology innovation practice. At present, foreign currency and other digital assets in the global tens of millions of users, all over hundreds of countries. Block chain technology from Bitcoin, Bitcoin is the largest application of block chain at present. Many world celebrities compare Bituar and Internet inventions, believing that Bitcoin and the chain chain behind it are "financial Internet", and it is possible to reconstruct the financial system from the bottom.


With the continued rise in the global heat of Bitcoin and the chain of chains, many of the world's top venture capital firms and the finest entrepreneurs have poured into the sector, and the economy based on Bitcoin and block chains has taken shape. From a global perspective, Gujin, Goldman Sachs, Softbank, NYSE and other world leading companies have invested in a number of start-up companies in the field, with a total investment of billions of dollars. It is foreseeable that in the next 5-10 years, banks, securities, insurance, auditing, notarization and other areas will appear in the field of Bitcoin and block chain figure, Bitcoin and block chain economy market size may reach hundreds of billions of dollars.


From the world point of view, the current mainstream industry, there are five major views of Bitcoin, consensus is gradually formed.

First, Bitcoin is a virtual commodity, there is a certain investment attributes;

Second, Bitcoin is a point-to-point payment that challenges the possibility of a future Visa monopoly;

Third, the Bitcoin block chain, as an underlying block chain, provides a consensus solution for other public sector chains, which are the fees for the use of this underlying block chain, which may become Infrastructure for other block chains;

Fourth, Bitcoin is a virtual currency on the Internet, has a certain monetary properties, in a specific Internet community has a certain payment attributes;

Fifth, Bitcoin is a similar gold reserve assets, because of its standardization, can be split, can be online transmission and other characteristics, in terms of payment efficiency, storage costs and other advantages, the future may become "digital gold", and Is a global asset that could replace gold in the era of value internet.

Most countries do not currently recognize the currency as a currency, but rather define it as a virtual commodity, but many countries have developed appropriate policies to regulate or support their development and are becoming more active from neutrality. The United States to Bitley into the traditional financial regulatory system, requiring Bitcoin-related enterprises need to apply for MTL (currency transfer license), the New York state government has also launched a special BitLicense to regulate Bitcoin; European countries have been relatively positive foreign currency, Some countries put Bitco currency into the sandbox supervision, some countries emphasize the economic activities of Bitcoin need to be taxed; the Japanese FSA formally recognizes the currency position of the bit currency and the digital currency, which stipulates that the digital currency exchange must be registered in the FSA; Japan's central bank governor Raghuram Rajan argues that there should not be a strong intervention before a deeper understanding of Bitcoin, but an in-depth study.


In 2013, the People's Bank of China and other five ministries and commissions issued "notice on the prevention of bit currency risk", clear the nature of a bit currency is a specific virtual goods, do not have the same legal status with the currency, can not and should not be as money in the market On the use of the same time pointed out that the bit currency transactions as a kind of Internet commodity trading behavior, the general public at their own risk under the premise of participation in the freedom, while the special currency Internet trading platform needs to fulfill the anti-money laundering obligations, which is the official Chinese contrast Special currency and other digital assets, the only formal regulatory policy.




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